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Implementation of Rewriting


Lecturer: Pierre-Etienne Moreau, Université de Lorraine, Mines de Nancy, France

In this course we will see how term rewriting and rule based programming can be used to effectively develop research prototypes and real size applications. In a second step we will see what are the existing techniques to implement a term rewriting based language. In particular, we will focus on term representation, many-to-one pattern matching, equational pattern matching, and implementation of strategies.

The following topics will be covered:

  • algebraic signature
  • pattern matching
  • associative pattern matching
  • normalization rules
  • controlling and traversal strategies
  • implementation of terms
  • implementation of pattern matching
  • implementation of strategies


  • Algebraic signatures
  • Pattern matching
  • Term rewriting systems
  • Java programming language 

The slides for this presentation are: