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Lecturer: Hélène Kirchner, INRIA, France

Strategies are ubiquitous in programming languages, automated deduction and reasoning systems. In the two communities of Rewriting and Programming on one side, and of Deduction and Proof engines (Provers, Assistants, Solvers) on the other side, workshops have been launched to make progress towards a deeper understanding of the nature of strategies, their descriptions, their properties, and their usage, in all kinds of computing and reasoning systems. Strategies are playing an important role in rewrite-based programming languages and verification tools; they have come to be viewed more generally as expressing complex designs for control in computing, modeling, proof search, program transformation, and access control.

The following topics will be addressed in this lecture:

  • Foundations for the definition and semantic description of strategies.
  • Strategy languages : essential constructs illustrated through existing languages.
  • Applications and case studies in which strategies play a major role.
  • Open problems.


  • First-order logic.
  • Equational deduction.
  • Term rewriting systems.
  • Functional and logic programming.

Material for this presentation can be accessed here and here.