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How to reach Viña/Valparaíso


There are two bus companies, "Tur-Bus" and "CentroPuerto" (for more information check this Buses and Minibuses.) which transport passengers from the airport to different "bus stops" in Santiago.

For less time available, we recommend getting off at the Pajaritos Metro station where several bus lines that go to Valparaíso.

The travel costs of these buses is approximately: Tur-Bus $ 1700 (3.5 USD) and CentroPuerto $ 1400  (2.8 USD). 
There are three main lines of buses (TurBus, Pullman Bus, Condor Bus) that make the trip Santiago-Valparaío/Viña del Mar. You can buy tickets directly from the ticket offices located in the Metro station or you can purchased them online. 

For online purchase you can check these links:

  1. TurBus
  2. Pullman Bus
  3. Condor Bus


There is a series of transfer services that travel form the airport directly to Valparaíso/Viña del Mar. One of them is TransferDelfos.


From the "Arturo Merino Benitez" airport you can take a taxi directly to Valparaíso/Viña del Mar. Taxi costs about $89000 (around 160 USD)

For more information check this Taxis.

Rent a Car

For thoes people who prefer to rent a car, there are seven well-known firms at the airport that provides this service.

Check more information in Rent-a-Car.

Those who will be staying at Hotel Ankara, Viña del Mar. should take a bus from Pajaritos Bus Station directly to Viña del Mar bus station ($5.000, 10 USD), and from there a taxi to the hotel, around $10.000 (20 USD).